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Hi, my name is Jacob Sargent and I am a graphic designer and social media consultant. I specialise my skill set in User Interface Design which enables me to create beautiful, functional and accessible websites which are personal to your Business. Today's website industry is full of pre-made non-creative templates which leaves your business with an ordinary look, lacking that professional edge. If you're looking for a fully custom website, designed from scratch to suit your needs, look no further.   


My background in digital media stems from running my own Youtube Channel, which introduced me to video editing and photography, leaving the skills to contribute physical media to your own website. And left me valuable experience in running a successful social media site. I can give you useful insight into social media and how to make the most of the free services you have available. 


When it comes to my experience in design, I started from a young age teaching myself all the programs I use today. It’s been a real passion of mine for longer then I can remember. When you work with me I share this passion, which benefits your online business. 

Working in the service industry from when I was 13 years old has taught me that first impressions and the relationship you make with your clients and customers is critical. This transcends into my design work and the ergonomics of the websites I make. 

If you're not looking for a website, take at look at the other services I provide...

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