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We are an independent Digital Creative Studio specialising in website design & graphic design. Based in Lyme Regis UK, we provide Digital Design work globally, our clients are around the world from Australia to the United States.

We are a team of experienced digital nerds from around the globe who provide stunning yet practical digital and print design to our wide range of clients. We believe in not just making a great website or project but also leaving our clients with the right tools to make their online business have a higher chance of success. We always point our clients in the right direction in regard to our own services and the landscape of social media today. 


A lot of bespoke website designers, are just designers and do not fully understand business. When you work with us, we make sure that the design suits your business and your goals. We design websites with goals in mind and make sure that you have a plan after your website is launched so your website has a higher chance of success.


Please take some time to look through our portfolio and read our testimonials to gain a better understanding of the quality of our services. 

message from the founder 

Jacob Sargent

Founder of Jacob Sargent Media

your local global creative studio

Hi, my name is Jacob and I am the founder of Jacob Sargent Media. My aim is to help as many people as possible utilise the internet for their own business goals. For the most part, this involves digital design, but can also simply mean educating you about how you should be approaching paid social and generally marketing your business online.


Now, I understand that there are a lot of businesses out there that offer my type of services, lots of them I believe feel impersonal, something which really shouldn’t be involved in design. It is so important to get the design personal to you and your business. 


As you have worked hard on your business for a long time, it seems ridiculous to go cheap on poor design which inadvertently ends up having a detrimental impact on your brand and your business. It's a lose lose, you look bad and perform badly.

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