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The Adventures of Mr Hawkins - The Golden Secret



The Adventures of Mr Hawkins The Golden Secret

Fantastic adventure that will take you out of this world and transport you to another. Great imagination. Vivid descriptions and characters that will have you rooting for them. In an age of overpopulated superheroes, a more traditional tale that will bring out the kid in all of us. Would look amazing on the big screen.


A Great Read.

If you enjoy great escapism this is definatley for you. 

A wonderful book very well writtenHighly recommend to others.

A great adventure story for all!

This is a great story, which will have adventure lovers of all ages enthralled.

A real page turner. Highly recommended.

A great read!

A great read. Sit and enjoy but leave enough time as you will not want to put it down. Now waiting for the story to continue.


A brilliant adventure for all ages, I went on the journey with them.

A very well told story. Loved it.

A fantastic adventure!

This story takes you to many places each with their own attraction. If you like fairy tales this is one for you!

This book took me to another world that I didn't want to leave.

From the moment I picked the book up I was captivated and actually never wanted it to finish. It was a real roller coaster of a book that kept you in suspense the longer it went on - wow - buy it now.


About the story

When young Tom Parker meets a strange and supernatural seagull in a Devon seaside town, he is propelled into an adventure beyond his imagining. The seagull, ‘Mr Hawkins’, asks Tom to help him retrieve the fabled ‘Sword of Isis’, return it to its rightful owner and free his friends, prisoners of an evil tyrant. 


With the help of a courageous rat at their side, they travel to a forgotten world that has lived in peace and harmony for hundreds of years but now is in the harness of a reign of terror. 


Following a succession of spectacular escapades culminating in a terrible desert battle, the three friends get ever-closer to the sword of Isis. 


Will they free Mr. Hawkins’s friends? Will they retrieve the sword? Will Tom ever get back to Devon again? 


This magical adventure, tale a story of spirit and moral fortitude by Simon Gilmore, will have young and adults alike transfixed in its spell.




Signed Limited Edition


Note from the Author

This story is for people with young and adventurous minds who love the spirit of adventure and who seek to explore the challenges and wonders of discovery.


Life is really - essentially - about one thing: experience. 


The more we venture and seek to discover and the more we experience, the richer we become.


Here you will discover a world you never knew existed. 


Nothing is ever as it seems. 

I hope you enjoy this adventure. 


Simon Gilmore  




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